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How might we encourage collaboration between families and schools?


Announcement of the Winning Idea

See the winning idea of ​​the challenge and its trajectory.

what we look for

Solutions, existing or not, that help to improve the relationship between schools and vulnerable families.


The team that proposes the best idea will receive recognition as the winner of the Pragmatic Idealist Challenge.

how to participate

This challenge is unique to the Ensina Brasil Network . Only members of the network will have the ideas analyzed. Access our platform to participate.

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the challenge

In Brazil, the relationship between parents and school is complicated - a survey by Todos pela Educação showed that only 12% of parents are committed to the education of their children. This happens for different reasons, among them the fact that the school does not usually approach its communities, hoping that this effort will be made by the families.

“I received a lot of criticism. They said that parents don't understand anything, and I said that is why they need to be heard. They don't understand why there is no dialogue. The school does not engage in dialogue with the family ".

Network manager in Juazeiro do Norte, CE


The family-school relationship is complex and full of nuances, below are some of them that can help you design more realistic solutions.

Brazilian schools are not usually equipped to serve families, especially vulnerable ones :


One of the greatest difficulties in welcoming the difficulties of vulnerable families comes from teachers, who are not used to dealing with this public and face difficulties in changing their practices. In some cases, teachers and administrators "label" students and families as problematic rather than addressing their difficulties. Doing things differently is not easy: overworked school teams do not usually have time to serve the families of each student and end up prioritizing those that give "less work".


“Sometimes, our role as a manager ends up being a little aside because you end up being a psychologist, a psychiatrist. We end up not doing as much of our managerial role, we end up attending and talking ".

School Manager, São Bento do Sul.

Heads of vulnerable families are unable to keep up with their children's school life


School expects students to have some values of education that are not always at home. Most vulnerable officials are unable to keep up with the content.


“Many families have no rules. I think 90% of the students' guardians are in prison. The mother is the one who holds it, but the mother is also in prison. Hence for the grandmother ".

Teacher, Goiás.


"If I have any doubts, I look at Google, on YouTube, my mother doesn't know"

Student, American.

challenge conditions

The proposed solution should focus on improving the family-school relationship of vulnerable families. It cannot demand a large investment of time on the part of those responsible and teachers, nor should it propose the creation of new positions or functions in the school.

The citations in this text were taken from the Itaú Social Family-School Research.


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