Who we are

Catálise is a participatory design startup focused on transforming the way we think and do public policies and social impact businesses.

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Where we came from

Our story began in 2019, with the need to create bridges between those who design federal public policies and the target audience . More specifically in Brasilia, when our co-founders were part of the Progredir project, led by GNOVA, the first innovation laboratory in Brazil's federal government.

Back there, we changed the focus of the Progredir platform, of the Ministry of Citizenship, from training to supporting self-employed workers. We realized this opportunity after
listening to and including platform users in the project and realizing that their real needs were different from the platform managers' perception of what those needs were. To the users' experience, we added academic researchers, putting together a puzzle of knowledge and experiences.

By bringing people who experience public policy closer together, we had not only brought new points of view to public servants, but legitimacy for our solution. We built the team's capacity to address social problems through collaborative processes.

We also found the main characteristics of Catálise:
a participatory design startup that reconnects people and governments in search of more humane public policies , to catalyze social impact through collaboration and technology and foster an open public management ecosystem.



The co-founders

Tomaz and Bruno combine their design and economics skills in a design approach applied to complex systems.

Together, they add experiences working in governments, such as the State Government of Rondônia, State Government of Ceará, Ministry of Education and Gnova - Federal Government Innovation Laboratory, in consultation with multilateral organizations, such as UNESCO, OEI and UNFPA, in large consultancies, Oliver Wyman and Alvarez & Marsal, as well as philanthropic, political and non-profit organizations.


Designer specialist in project management

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Economist specialist in public management

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Débora Macêdo

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Yuri Oliveira

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Ferdinan Souza

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Natalia Demartino

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Franciele Bezerra

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