Social impact made
by many hands

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We are a participatory design startup that reconnects people and governments to catalyze social impact through collaboration and technology.

Why we exist

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More humane public policies

We want to increase equity and diversity in the design of public policies. Our mission is to change the way we face social problems, taking into account the complexity of what it means human, with our behaviors, emotions, cultures, experiences, experiences and contradictions.

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Impact diffusion through technology

We want to expand the social impact through technology. Our goal is not only to make good solutions reach more people, but also to convert these people into co-creators that reflect on these solutions. Because technology is only universal when everyone is part of the process.

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Strengthen democracy

We believe that open governments are more democratic governments. We want to open doors for citizens to feel more heard and represented in the decisions of their governments, to create a better society.

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