The basis of Catálise is collaboration.

We bring together researchers, public servants, citizens and third sector organizations in our participatory processes, connecting the dots of scientific knowledge and the human experiences of those who experience social problems. It is through a systemic and empathic vision that we develop solutions and technologies for social impact.

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Field research to listen to users

We design solutions for real people. We go to the front line and dive ourselves in the reality of those who lives with social problems. Then, based on qualitative data, we understand their needs and investigate life improving opportunities.

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Analysis of evidence to
simplify the complicated

We simplify complex studies and quantitative data about social problems into more accessible and understandable information. By bringing clearness about the social contexts in which they operate, we foster innovative ideas for impactful solutions.

Participatory processes to build together

We reconnect governments and society to work towards a common goal. It is through collaboration between people with different points of view that we are able to design innovative solutions that reflect the diversity of our society.

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Humane technologies for social impact

We use technology with humanity and responsibility. We drive social impact solutions focused on the user experience, through adherent, scalable and sustainable technologies to solve social problems.

Our values

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We do not intend to invent the wheel, but rather to show new ways of delivering solutions with the potential to improve the reality of those experiencing social problems.

We are here to create impact

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We share knowledge with empathy, transforming complex studies and data into real stories that anyone can understand.

Data is a story

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Learning about the problem and responding to change strategically is more important than following a plan to the letter.

We are adaptive

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We believe that good solutions are those that have  active participation of the people involved in the problems and that makes the participating teams stronger.

Participation fosters better solutions

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Complexity must be approached with simplicity, in solutions that are easy to understand and, most importantly, to implement.

Simplicity = sophistication

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People are experts in their life experiences, so listening to them is an important step towards developing implementable and adherent solutions that make sense in the real world.

Citizens are experts

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