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How can we enhance the sense of belonging of trainees and alumni of Rede Vetor Brasil?


Announcement of the Winning Idea

See the winning idea of ​​the challenge and its trajectory.

We are a family owned and operated business.

what we look for

We look for ideas or initiatives from trainees and alumni from Rede Vetor Brasil to help make more people feel part of the Network


The team that proposes the best idea will receive two sessions of 1h30 mentoring with Joice, besides the recognition as winner of the Challenge.

how to participate

This challenge is exclusive to Vetor Brasil's network . Only members of the network will have the ideas analyzed. Access our platform to participate.

download the materials

why did we create this challenge?

41% of members feel part of Rede Vetor Brasil


41% say they have already felt more part of the Network


18% do not feel part of the Network

We created the Network Challenge to catalyze the feeling of belonging of trainees and alumni of Rede Vetor Brasil. One way to do this is to increase the mutual generation of value of the Network - when a member feels that she actively contributes to the Network and the Network also brings contributions. We realize that the main values ​​that the Network brings to those who are part of it are:

Multicultural experiences that can expand the understanding of diversity

Leveraging career opportunities and personal development

Support system to overcome common challenges in the public sector

Connections for construction and joint growth

Sharing and learning environment


Data based on a sample survey of 100 members of the Network carried out in June / 2020, in which we asked a series of questions to better understand the opinions of the Network.

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Vetor Brasil believes that a network of engaged and diverse professionals can enhance the impact of the Brazilian public sector and bring about positive and large-scale changes in the country. So we help
governments in solving challenges through innovation in people management.


Catalysis helps good ideas to find problems that matter, connecting social impact innovators from all over the country to organizations that believe in a better world.

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