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How might we boost
racial diversity in
public sector leaders?


Announcement of the Winning Initiative

See the winner of the challenge and his trajectory.

what we look for

We are looking for initiatives implemented in the last 5 years by public professionals who have promoted a culture of racial equity, generating an increase in the entry and / or professional growth of black people in the public sector.


The winning initiative will receive a prize of R $ 10,000.00 (ten thousand reais), an invitation to join the Network of Leaders of the , as well as recognition in the communication channels of the supporters of the challenge.

how to participate

Access the form to participate.

download the materials

why did we create this challenge?

Blacks and blacks occupy 47.4% of positions in the public sector, however, they remain absent in careers and senior management positions.


The largest demographic number in Brazil is black, with 54% of its population. We need to think about racial equity every day, discuss race and propose government solutions with this cut, it is the way to effectively combat inequalities and structural racism.

We created the Black Public Leadership Challenge to recognize initiatives that are generating opportunities in leadership positions for black professionals in the public sector. We want to:

- Recognize, promote and publicize the work of those who are promoting racial equity in the public sector

- Give visibility to the issue and accelerate the professional growth of blacks in the public sector

- Promote a culture of racial equity in public sector organizations


This is a partnership between Arapyaú , Humanize , Fundação Lemann and Repú .

challenge results


know the initiatives

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It is a campaign that proposes to highlight the agenda of racial representativeness and diversity in the Public Sector. A compilation of communication and advocacy actions, based on data and evidence, to boost black public leaders in government structures. Discussing race and proposing governmental solutions with this approach, is the way to effectively combat inequalities and structural racism.


Catalysis helps good ideas to find problems that matter, connecting social impact innovators from all over the country to organizations that believe in a better world.

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